Instrument Supplies

Out of reeds? Or maybe valve oil? Need new drumsticks? You can order any instrument accessory from The Music Shoppe and have it delivered straight to the school!

Items will be delivered directly to your school.

Here are just some of the things you can order online:

  • Cases

  • Case tags

  • Cleaning kits

  • Cork grease

  • Flip folders

  • Ligatures

  • Lyres

  • Mallets/Sticks

  • Marching shoes

  • Method books/Sheet music

  • Music stands

  • Mouthpieces

  • Neck straps

  • Guitar strings

  • Reeds

  • Reed cases

  • Reed guards

  • Rental instruments

  • Strings

  • Valve guards

  • Valve oil

  • and much more...