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Spring Musical

Congratulations to this year's cast of Guys and Dolls! Come see our show on Friday and Saturday, March 8th and 9th!!  Please see the most updated rehearsal schedule below:

Guys and Dolls Cast List

The Gamblers:

Sky Masterson: Spencer Hazen

Nathan Detroit: Liam Killian

Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Brodie Doman

Benny Southstreet: Ethan Garard

Harry the Horse: Ethan Freehill

Big Jule: Remi Astronomo

Rusty Charlie: Alex Killian

Angie the Ox: Ethan Kasper

Joey Biltmore: Jalen Cail

The Greek: Chase Pondel

Brandy-Bottle Bates: Jesse Swanson

Scranton Slim: Ashlyn Allemand

Society Max: Katelyn Kamman

Liver LIps Louie: Cullen Neal

The Drunk: Graham Voelker

Gamblers Ensemble (in addition to those listed above): Cloe Lupton, Caleb Dunham, Taylor Marcum, Dalton Heavilin, Julian Kennedy, Ian Miller, Hunter Brewer, Matt Hunt, Rylan Davis

The Missionaries:

Sarah Brown: Sydney Funk

Arvide Abernathy: Tyler Ricks

General Matilda Cartwright: Gabby Dammkoehler

Agatha: Emily Clinton

Martha: Anneliese Kerchenfaut

Calvin: Ian Miller

The Hot Box Employees:

Miss Adelaide: Shannon Spangler

Mimi: Megan Moody

Allison: Katie Johnson

Anita: Makenzi Bielfeldt

Dancers (in addition to those listed above): Haven Hathaway, Grace Starks, Sierra Ward, Kennedy Fanson, Haley Brown, Carmen Pondel, Taylor Dueringer, Abigail Sizemore, Emma Swanson

Emcee: Hattie Parsons

Waiter: Hunter Brewer

The Law Enforcement:

Lt. Brannigan: Marcus Baillie

Cops: Dalton Heavilin, Julian Kennedy

The Residents of Havana:

Bartender: Matt Hunt

Dancers: Rylan Davis, Ethan Kasper, Katie Johnson, Megan Moody