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Middle School Solo and Ensemble Contest

posted Apr 15, 2013, 8:04 AM by Amanda Broaddus
Our middle school solo and ensemble contest will be held this Wednesday, April 17th at the middle school.  The band events will take place in the music room and the chorus events will take place in the library.  The entire event lasts from 4:00-6:15, but you are welcome to come and go in between events as you would like.  I have attached a schedule so that, if interested, you can see when and where different students are performing.  This schedule is subject to small changes due to last minute withdraws.  We encourage all students and parents to be there at least half an hour before their event.  Students performing should wear dress clothes (no specific colors needed).  Please let Miss Broaddus or Mr. Renchen know if you have any questions!

Instrumental room  (Band room):

4:00                 Darrin Brown, trumpet solo

4:06                 Breann Dix and Lindsay Meyer, duet

4:12                 Taylor Engel and Taylor Kafer, woodwind duet

4:18                 Brooke Wilfong and Haley Christensen, woodwind duet

4:24                 Emily Sommer, trumpet solo

4:30                 Chris Girkin, trombone solo

4:36                 Shreya Patel, clarinet solo

4:42                 Emma McGuire, Kimmie Martin and Megan Volker, trio

4:48                 Emily Sommer and Shreya Patel, duet

4:54                 Lauren Duquette and Sophie Hafer, piano duet

5:00                 Darrin Brown, piano solo

5:06                 Jeremy Steidinger, piano solo

5:12                 Lauren Duquette, piano solo

5:18                 Sophie Hafer, piano solo


Vocal Room (Library):

4:00                 Sydney Funk, solo

4:05                 Shelbie Butler, solo

4:10                 Bethanie Price, solo

4:15                 Tyler Ricks and Jesse Swanson, duet

4:20                 Cloe Lupton and Ashley Spears, duet

4:25                 Darrin Brown, solo

4:30                 Emma Stroh, Abby Harper, Lily Jacobson, trio

4:35                 Danielle Eckerty, Megan Moody, Erin Arsenault, Hattie Parsons, quartet

4:40                 Shannon Spangler, solo

4:45                 Susan Harmet and Gracie Conover, duet

4:50                 Bethanie Price and Samantha Duquette, duet

4:55                 Hannah Vaughn, solo

5:00                 Karley Bridgwater, solo

5:05                 Bailey Salyards, Kaitlyn Harders, Brooke Wilfong and Emma Jacobson, quartet

5:10                 Taylor Engel, solo

5:15                 Dylan Christensen, Rucker Parsons, Stephanie Green and Danielle Tipsord, quartet

5:20                 Lauren Duquette, solo

5:25                 Cheyenne Shubert and Brooke Bonds, duet

5:30                 Brittany Winters and Celeste Johnson, duet

5:35                 Jeremy Steidinger, Nate Schutte, Ross Dueringer, Cameron Cail, Emma Jacobson, Allison Davis, Brooke Wilfong and Bailey Salyards

5:40                 Rachel Harmet, solo

5:45                 Austyn Pleitgan and Wesley Quimby, duet

5:50                 Estelle Keigher and Allison Davis, duet

5:55                 Sophie Hafer, Lauren Duquette, Rachel Harmet, trio

6:00                 Emily Sommer, solo

6:05                 Karley Bridgwater and Taylor Engel, duet

6:10                 Sophie Hafer, solo