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Guys and Dolls Cast

posted Dec 1, 2018, 6:27 PM by Amanda Broaddus
Congratulations to this year's cast of Guys and Dolls! Come see our show on Friday and Saturday, March 8th and 9th!!

Guys and Dolls Cast List

The Gamblers:

Sky Masterson: Spencer Hazen

Nathan Detroit: Liam Killian

Nicely-Nicely Johnson: Brodie Doman

Benny Southstreet: Ethan Garard

Harry the Horse: Ethan Freehill

Big Jule: Remi Astronomo

Rusty Charlie: Alex Killian

Angie the Ox: Ethan Kasper

Joey Biltmore: Jalen Cail

The Greek: Chase Pondel

Brandy-Bottle Bates: Jesse Swanson

Scranton Slim: Ashlyn Allemand

Society Max: Katelyn Kamman

Liver LIps Louie: Cullen Neal

The Drunk: Graham Voelker

Gamblers Ensemble (in addition to those listed above): Cloe Lupton, Caleb Dunham, Taylor Marcum, Dalton Heavilin, Julian Kennedy, Ian Miller, Hunter Brewer, Matt Hunt, Rylan Davis

The Missionaries:

Sarah Brown: Sydney Funk

Arvide Abernathy: Tyler Ricks

General Matilda Cartwright: Gabby Dammkoehler

Agatha: Emily Clinton

Martha: Anneliese Kerchenfaut

Calvin: Ian Miller

The Hot Box Employees:

Miss Adelaide: Shannon Spangler

Mimi: Megan Moody

Allison: Katie Johnson

Anita: Makenzi Bielfeldt

Dancers (in addition to those listed above): Haven Hathaway, Grace Starks, Sierra Ward, Kennedy Fanson, Haley Brown, Carmen Pondel, Taylor Dueringer, Abigail Sizemore, Emma Swanson

Emcee: Hattie Parsons

Waiter: Hunter Brewer

The Law Enforcement:

Lt. Brannigan: Marcus Baillie

Cops: Dalton Heavilin, Julian Kennedy

The Residents of Havana:

Bartender: Matt Hunt

Dancers: Rylan Davis, Ethan Kasper, Katie Johnson, Megan Moody