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Chamber Choir Callbacks

posted Sep 8, 2016, 7:20 PM by Amanda Broaddus

The results from this week's chamber choir auditions are below.  This information can also be found under the chamber choir tab (go to choir, then high school, then chamber). Thank you to all who auditioned, and I will see those listed tomorrow at 7:20.  

Chamber Choir Callbacks

Karley Bridgwater

Darrin Brown

Dylan Brownlee

Cameron Cail

Grace Conover

Ross Dueringer

Lauren Duquette

Taylor Engel

Garrett Frashier

Sophie Hafer

Rachel Harmet

Susan Harmet

Gideon Kerber

Lindsay Meyer

Rucker Parsons

Austin Patton

Wesley Quimby

Bailey Salyards

Nate Schutte

Shannon Spangler

Jeremy Steidinger

Brooke Wilfong