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"Beauty and the Beast" Cast List

posted Dec 2, 2017, 4:17 PM by Amanda Broaddus

Belle: Brooke Wilfong

The Beast: Jeremy Steidinger

Gaston: Nate Schutte

LeFou: Liam Killian

Maurice: Garrett Frashier

Babette: Gabby Dammkoehler

Lumiere: Ethan Freehill

Cogsworth: Caleb Rogers

Mrs. Potts: Shannon Spangler

Chip: Chase Pondel

Madame De La Grande Bouche: Bailey Salyards

Monsieur D’arque: Alec Johnson

Silly Girls: Estelle Keigher, Sydney Funk, Megan Moody

Narrator: Hattie Parsons


VILLAGERS (have solos and/or lines in “Belle”- will also play other ensemble roles)

Baker: Clay Bane

Bookseller: Cameron Cail

Aristocratic Lady: Emma McGuire

Egg Man: Rylan Davis

Lady with Cane: Katie Kamman

Fish Man: Ethan Garard

Sausage Curl Girls: Katie Johnson, Susan Harmet

Candle Man: Alex Killian

Lady with Baby: Allie Davis

Hat Seller: Brodie Doman

Milkmaids: Jordan Phifer, Emily Clinton

Shepherd boy: Tyler Ricks

Male Villager: Jalen Cail


Ensemble (More villagers, enchanted objects in the castle)*: Jacey Goin, Hailey Rutledge, Remi Astronomo, Marcus Baillie, Jesse Swanson, Mady Schutte, Haley Brown, Emma Swanson, Sierra Ward, Sam Groover, Ashlyn Allemand, Caleb Dunham, Kelsee Cliff, Taylor Dueringer, Cloe Lupton, Graham Voelker, Matt Hunt, Haven Hathaway



*There are roles within the ensemble that are not yet assigned.  For instance, some may be specific enchanted furniture (coat rack, featured dancing napkin), wolves, etc.  These roles will be assigned at a later date based on costumes, schedules/availability, and dancing experience.  The ensemble has A LOT of stage time in this show, and some of you will be more specifically set in the village or the castle.  More information on this will be given with the schedule.


THANK YOU to everyone that auditioned!  These were the most competitive auditions I have ever held since I have been directing shows.  Thank you all for your hard work, and your good attitudes throughout the audition process.  If you are not already signed up for the musical remind group, please use the code @showgcms to sign up (or text it to 81010 for text updates).  We will have our first read through and rehearsal on Wednesday, December 20th, so please put that on your calendars now.  At that time, you will receive a rehearsal schedule for January-March. 


I am SO excited for this show, and I hope you are as well!  Congratulations to all!


Miss Broaddus